My priority, when I founded the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle, was to create a compatible space where the stable progressive development of evidential Physical mediumship could become demonstrated.  I then hoped to support the development of this form of mediumship through several mediums, with intent for each to become able (should they choose) to move on to start their own this manner ensuring that the truth and reality of Physical mediumship would reach more people than a single project alone could.
The Lodge is a personally funded project.  This is because I truly believe that mediumship is a latent gift freely possessed by all, and that it is therefore priceless.

Over the years I know that many groups and circles have indeed become founded following Lodge connections, and along with books published by myself, as well as by independent visitors to the Lodge, I feel assured that the seeds from the basket of apples (a descriptive visualisation of the Lodge concept offered by my guide FC many years ago to describe the groups proposed intent) have grown to become branched trees, themselves bearing fruit.  Life is indeed a continuum.

Continuing on the path of my original intent, I would like to share a spoken report recorded within  one séance, in the hope that it might inspire others to open their minds towards founding their own groups.  The medium on this occasion is a lady who has been sitting within the Lodge walls for the purpose of development for about eight months (further reports of her initial sittings can be found on this site).  She sits once weekly with dedication.  Most often she sits alone with myself...but guest sitters have upon occasion also been invited to witness the gradual stable progress of her development as a Physical medium.  I hope you enjoy this descriptive recording (click link below):
Full seance recording

2020: This medium continues to sit with dedication for continuing development.

Chris Di Nucci