My priority, when I founded the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle, was to create a compatible space where the stable progressive development of evidential Physical mediumship could become demonstrated.  I then hoped to support the development of this form of mediumship through several mediums, with intent for each to become able (should they choose) to move on to start their own this manner ensuring that the truth and reality of Physical mediumship would reach more people than a single project alone could.
The Lodge is a personally funded project.  This is because I truly believe that mediumship is a latent gift freely possessed by all, and that it is therefore priceless.

Over the years I know that many groups and circles have indeed become founded following Lodge connections, and along with books published by myself, as well as by independent visitors to the Lodge, I feel assured that the seeds from the basket of apples (a descriptive visualisation of the Lodge concept offered by my guide FC many years ago to describe the groups proposed intent) have grown to become branched trees, themselves bearing fruit.  Life is indeed a continuum.

Continuing on the path of my original intent, I would like to share a spoken report recorded within  one séance, in the hope that it might inspire others to open their minds towards founding their own groups.  The medium on this occasion is a lady who has been sitting within the Lodge walls for the purpose of development for about eight months (further reports of her initial sittings can be found on this site).  She sits once weekly with dedication.  Most often she sits alone with myself...but guest sitters have upon occasion also been invited to witness the gradual stable progress of her development as a Physical medium.  I hope you enjoy this descriptive recording (click link below):
Full seance recording

2020: This medium continues to sit with dedication for continuing development.

Chris Di Nucci

May 2019

Towards the end of January 2019 this lady medium began to sit with developmental intent within the Lodge environment.  Generally she sits either alone with myself or with one other witness present.
Note: A detailed record of her initial sittings can be found below this post.

Currently, at the opening of each seance the medium is seated comfortably within an open corner cabinet in clear lighting conditions.  During the séance her state of consciousness becomes altered, but she generally retains some awareness of her surroundings.
We have a focussed red light and a soft pink lamp and use either or both of these...making lighting adjustments according to the forms of phenomena that are becoming demonstrated.
Currently all witnessed phenomena appears to be 'delicate' in that, although consistently demonstrated with stability, the visual presentations are very fine...often as if seen through a layer of iridescent chiffon. These presentations are too fine as yet to be captured by a camera.

The following pictures, found on the internet, offer very approximate examples of the types of things currently being seen by two witnessing sitters simultaneously.
Imagine, if you can, the medium seated within an armchair, with this form of facial appearance seen in front of, and obscuring, her own face.  The presentation isn't always of a face...last night the two witnesses present saw an owl or eagle-like shape.  The presentations appear holographic, and are seen in many colours.  Sometimes the demonstrations take on a smokey likened to a very fine silky gauze seen as an overlay to the mediums head and upper torso.  The photograph below is a fair likeness.
During most seances the phenomena-enabling spirit team also demonstrates spiritual control of the mediums hands.  The appearance and movement of the hands varies...often with movement being extremely rapid.  The palms may grow to appear as male, or the fingers may become extended in length beyond the norm...and sometimes the appearance is of many hands.  
Strands of energy can be seen linking the hands as they pull apart from each other.  Sometimes a ball of energy becomes formed between, or cupped within, the hands.  
Often small lines/dashes of light appear spasmodically within the energetic strands.  
Last night as two witnesses were watching each saw a small 'particulated animated wiggle' of light within the familiar misty energy strands.  This photo of lightening offers some likeness...but in fact what was seen last night appeared animated in an independent sense and appeared 'unusually different'...totally unlike lightening in fact.  Phenomena such as this is intriguingly fascinating!!!
At the end of May we unsuccessfully attempted to capture the visual phenomena using a video camera set up within dim red lighting conditions.  As development progressses further attempts will be made periodically.

Please note that I founded the Lodge with a scientific frame of mind and the seances here are held for learning purposes.  
Chris Di Nucci
First sitting
Clear red lighting conditions with two lamps dimly set (the whole room illuminated).  The designated medium seated comfortably in a wing-backed chair placed approximately centrally within the room, about 4ft from myself the only witness.  Music (mainly Tim Wheater) played for one hour twenty-five minutes, which was the duration of the séance.
The sitting was first opened with a prayer of intent and afterwards similarly closed, with a prayer of thanks.
During the séance I witnessed several faces which independently appeared to *overlay the mediums own.  Several of these remained presented with stability for over a minute.  In addition to this phenomena both of her *hands appeared affected by spirit control, moving to become lifted spontaneously.  Her left hand was also, on two occasions, caused to vibrate rapidly in a manner out of, and beyond, her physical control.

Note: Often when attending a physical mediumship development circle an inexperienced witness will see very little. This is because it takes time for spirit to manage the energies in order to present stable phenomena, which can then be seen clearly by all witnesses present.  It is usual too for inexperienced witnesses to feel the lighting conditions to be inadequate, as they cannot clearly see the mediums facial features. In fact the whole purpose of physical mediumship is to create conditions which enable spirit communicators to become seen.  Spirit faces can often be shown as on an energetic screen, rather than through a mediums facial transfiguration.

Initially the witnessed phenomena appears rather like this...a picture with content that can be doubted...until seen...

Second sitting
Clear red lighting conditions with two lamps dimly set as previously, with the medium seated comfortably in a wing-backed chair placed about 4ft from myself as before.  The music remained unchanged so played for one hour twenty-five minutes, which was the duration of the séance.
The sitting was first opened with a prayer of intent and afterwards similarly closed, with a prayer of thanks.

During the séance I witnessed the presentation of many faces *overlaying the mediums own.  Several  were presented with stability and were recognisably either male or female.  An oriental face was particularly clearly, as was a Native American...who had been seen during the previous sitting also.

Again, both of the mediums *hands moved to lift and vibrate the manner of spiritual puppetry.

Third sitting
On this occasion the seating and music remained unchanged.  With intent to support progression, and for the purpose of experimentation, on this occasion the lighting was reduced to one red lamp, which dimply lit the room.  Also for the purpose of experimentation, a table was placed to the left side front of the mediums chair...with paper and pen offered upon it. 

As had previously been the case a variety of *faces became presented.  As this was her third sitting I was delighted to note that two of these faces were recognisable as having presented before.  This demonstrated to me that they were most likely to be working with her for some purpose...rather than being random pop-in visitors.

During the séance both of the mediums *hands were once again caused to be utilised by her team as rapid movements were demonstrated.  For a short period the left hand was encouraged, by myself, to hold the pen and invited to communicate through written word.  Sitting back in my chair, leaving the potential communicators holding the pen, I was able to witness changes in the appearance of the hand itself, and also detected change in the manner with which the pen was utilised. This experiment resulted in one of four pages seeming to show some form of consistently presented handwriting, although in this instance all was illegible.

Note: After closure of the séance the medium reported having a 'sore throat'...but without any soreness being felt.   Descriptions similar to this have been offered by other developing physical mediums and seems to indicate a potential for spiritually manipulated voice.

Fourth sitting
On this occasion the mediums chair was placed inside the cabinet area.  The intent has been to do this, but only at such time as it was felt to be appropriate.  This is because by intent and purpose the energy channel within this area is stronger.  Often mediums find it easier to relax and progress through the initial stages of physical mediumship development when seated within the wider room space where the energy focus is less intense. 

Two dimmed lamps were utilised once again.  Face changes* were witnessed during the seances.  Two of these were readily recognised as having been presented on previous occasions.  The hands were each caused to move*spontaneously.  When the hands were brought together strands of misty *light could be readily seen stretching between her fingers and extended in web-like form to her face and arms.  When one hand was cupped an energetic mass appeared, seen faintly within the palm.

During this séance when the right hand was caused to become tapped upon the chair arm I realised that the mediums was wearing a ring.  This matter was later discussed.

Note: Following this séance I informed the medium that it has been spiritually demonstrated within the Lodge environment that metal objects can become heated or bent during the intense channeling of energy.  I offered this information for her consideration. 

Fifth sitting
The conditions of this séance were set as for the previous sitting.  The medium had taken my offered advice to remove all jewellery.  Her decision to do this was based not only upon my guidance, but upon an awareness that she needs to sit with trust in her spirit team to take good care of her, were she effectively to lose conscious awareness as a result of her altered state.  She felt that the team might find it more difficult to ensure her welfare were she to present herself seated with a metal ring in place...with the result that her developmental progress might be slowed.  Also...having knowledge of the risk of harm, and sitting regardless, she might surely confuse the intent for her personal care to be prioritised?

Further...prior to this séance the medium had sought to provide herself with séance-specific clothing that was more comfortable and generally more appropriate than her everyday garb.
Clearly some consideration had been given to these changes...which in itself was an indication of the mediums growing interest and dedication.

The séance demonstration on this occasion was stable, with several familiarly recognised *faces becoming presented, along with some less familiar visitors.  Both hands* were moved spontaneously, clearly under spiritual influence and with strands of *lights seen linking the fingers.

Sixth sitting
The conditions for this sitting were the same as previously, excepting that part way through the séance one light was extinguished, leaving just the single red lamp focussed upon the medium.  Also, on this occasion two witnessing sitters were present, rather than one.

As on previous occasions the mediums hands were again caused to move and vibrate rapidly.  The facial appearance of the medium was again changed...although this form pf phenomena took second place to other visual effects created by the spiritual manipulation of energy.  The mediums head, neck and shoulders were affected to become a single blended glowing mass, with 'cloudy puffs' of blue/pink *lights amassed within, and extending from, that area.
Later within the séance the mediums hands were caused to vibrate...with energy strands linking them together.  A ball of light was also seen to form between the cupped palms.
Something like this…
On two occasions a gruff 'voice' shortly emanated from the mediums mouth...but no clear words were offered.

Towards the end of the séance the visual energy mass became changed in appearance, with a waxy coating seen to form over the skin of the medium.

Note: After close of séance the medium reported feeling heat within her solar plexis and her face felt hot to the touch.  This may be indicative of ectoplasmic withdrawal.

Decision time...
This medium and myself have now completed the six sittings that were initially agreed between us.  The purpose of those six sittings (once weekly) was to gather information through mutual experience before potentially moving forward to sit together for a longer period, or choosing to go our separate ways.  There were many things to consider during this period...
Are we socially compatible?  Do we both have the time to sit together on a regular basis, and has this been demonstrated through regular attendance?
Do we both look forward to our sittings...or do either of us, over time, feel an obligation to sit, without particularly looking forward to it? 
Do either of us feel a passion or focussed interest...and if so, does one of us feel this, or do we both feel it?
Have we met socially outside of our sittings and do we get along in the outside world...are we at ease together and do we share ease of understanding when communicating one with the other?
Is the medium trusting of her spirit team and of myself as circle leader?  Does she show any nervousness or concern? 
Does she demonstrate interest and intellect...asking questions upon occasion?  After sitting, does she communicate her feelings and thoughts?  Does she listen to and consider any information or guidance that I might offer?
Do we both feel the level of support needed by the medium now and in the foreseeable future to be commensurate with that being offered?
Then, of course, does the medium have a spirit team that presents *one or *two or *three forms of physical phenomena?  If so...has such phenomena been demonstrated repeatedly, with intelligent spirit control apparent? 
Is the presented phenomena, or the controlling spirit team, responsive to communication from myself?
All these questions we are required to be considered carefully by us both before we commit to moving forward together with dedicated intent for further development. the six weeks have now passed...have we agreed to form a 'circle' together, that is both independent and a part of the Lodge project as a whole...or have we agreed that it would be better at this time for the medium to widen her vision and move forward to explore the many other elements of mediumship that are on offer?  The Lodge project is dedicated to supporting the development and demonstration of evidential physical mediumship.  For many reasons, this form of mediumship does not suit everyone.

I am delighted to say that it has been overwhelmingly agreed by both parties to sit with dedication towards further development!  Therefore, we will focus upon this now and publish further reports when we feel this to be appropriate.

Finally...although this medium is not yet ready to receive guest sitters, if anyone feels genuine interest in supporting her (or any of the other mediums sitting with developmental intent here in the Lodge) on a regular basis for the purpose of learning, please get in touch with me.

Chris Di Nucci
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